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Working Papers

Strategic Thinking Skills and Their Economic Importance. (with Syngjoo Choi and Seonghoon Kim), September 2021.

Tie-breaking and Efficiency in the Laboratory School Choice. (with Wonki Jo Cho and Isa E. Hafalir), May 2021.

Mediated Talk: An Experiment. (with Andreas Blume and Ernest K. Lai), March 2021.

Cheap Talk with Prior-biased Inferences. (with Yong-Ju Lee and Chen Zhao), revision requested by Games and Economic Behavior.

Preferences vs. Strategic Thinking: An Investigation of the Causes of Overcommunication. (with Jonathan Lafky and Ernest K. Lai), revised and resubmitted to Games and Economic Behavior.

Patience Is Power: Bargaining and Payoff Delay. (with Jeongbin Kim and Sebastian Schweighofer-Kodritsch), March 2021.

Multilateral Bargaining over the Division of Losses. (with Duk Gyoo Kim), conditionally accepted by Journal of Economic Theory.

Persuasion with Strategic Reporting. (with Run Li), September 2020.

In Vino Veritas? Communication Under the Influence - An Experimental Study. (with Pak Hung Au and Jipeng Zhang), revised and resubmitted to Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization.

Shame and Fame in Competition. (with Yong-Ju Lee), August 2019.

Vague Language and Context-Dependence. (with Qinggong Wu), April 2018.

On Identifying Higher-order Rationality. (with Siyang Xiong), August 2016.



Does Jump bidding Increase Sellers' Revenue? Theory and Experiment. (with Siyang Xiong), Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 189 (2021), 84-110.

Herd Immunity and a Vaccination Game: An Experimental Study. (with Franco P. Zhang),  PLOS ONE 15(5): e0232652. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0232652.

    Working Paper Version [Herd Immunity and a Vaccination Game]

The Borrowing Puzzle: Why Do Filipino Domestic Workers in Hong Kong Borrow rather than Dissave? (with Sujata Visaria), the Asian Development Review, 37 (2020), 1-23.

Endogenous Authority and Enforcement in Public Goods Games. (with Jipeng Zhang), the B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 20 (2020), 1-22.

Strategic Information Transmission: A Survey of Experiments and Theoretical Foundations. (with Andreas Blume and Ernest K. Lai), (2020), C. Monica Capra, Rachel Croson, Mary Rigdon and Tanya Rosenblat (eds), Handbook of Experimental Game Theory, Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA, USA: Edward Elgar Publishing.

 Eliciting Private Information with Noise: The Case of Randomized Response. (with Andreas Blume and Ernest K. Lai), Games and Economic Behavior, 113 (2019), 356-380. [Supplementary Material for Mutual Information]

 The Informational Theory of Legislative Committees: An Experimental Analysis. (with Marco Battaglini, Ernest K. Lai, and Joseph Wang), American Political Science Review, 113 (2019), 55-76. [Online Appendices available here]

Meaning and Credibility in Experimental Cheap-Talk Games. (with Ernest K. Lai), Quantitative Economics, 9 (2018), 1453-1487.

 Conventional contracts, intentional behavior and logit choice: Equality without symmetry. (with Sung-Ha Hwang, Philip Neary and Jonathan Newton), Games and Economic Behavior, 110 (2018), 273-294

 The Emergence of Compositional Grammars in Artificial Codes. (with Fuhai Hong and Xiaojian Zhao), Games and Economic Behavior, 102 (2017), 255-268. [z-Tree code available here]

 Coordination via Correlation: An Experimental Study. (with John Duffy and Ernest K. Lai), Economic Theory, 64 (2017), 265-304.

An Experimental Investigation of Stochastic Adjustment Dynamics. (with Philip Neary), Games and Economic Behavior, 100 (2016), 208-219. [Online Appendix available here]

Voluntary Participation in Public Goods Provision with Coasian Bargaining. (with Fuhai Hong), Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 126 (2016), 102-119.

 An Experimental Analysis of Multidimensional Cheap Talk. (with Ernest K. Lai and Joseph Tao-yi Wang), Games and Economic Behavior, 91 (2015), 114-144.

Communication in Bargaining over Decision Rights, Games and Economic Behavior, 85 (2014), 159-179.

Bounded rationality and group size in Tullock contests: Experimental evidence, (with Alexander Matros and Theodore L. Turocy), Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 99 (2014), 155-167.

Selling Authority. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 84 (2012), 393-415.

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Contests with a Stochastic Number of Players, (with Alexander Matros), Games and Economic Behavior, 67 (2009), 584-597.